Where do I find my booking code?

Your booking code is in the email you got when you signed up to Side by Side. Try to find an email from with Confirmation Side by Side 2020 as the subject line. The booking code contains eight (8) characters and is located at the top of the email under the barcode, as well as at the bottom, under your name.

Did you sign up as part of a group? If so, your team leader might have all your booking codes, so try to check with them.

I can’t find my booking code.

Ok, contact and we’ll help you out.

I haven’t signed up. Can I still do that?

You can sign up during camp as well! Go to

What is Side by Side?

Side by Side by El Sistema is an international youth orchestra and choir camp that normally takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden every year. It’s organized by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and an important part of the festivities surrounding Gothenburg’s 400 year anniversary. You can learn more about Side by Side at

Ok. But what is Side by Side: Digital then?

Because of the coronavirus, we cannot gather all our participants in Gothenburg this year. Instead, we moved the whole camp online, so everyone can join in, no matter where they are. That makes Side by Side: Digital a unique music camp, and something we hope will be something really special to be part of. A memory for life, that we create together.

Do I have to use the email address I used when I signed up?

No, you can use any email address you want.

Can I choose any track or instrument I like?

Yes, you can choose freely, but try to choose one that suits you and your level (and preferably one you have been rehearsing before the camp). That’ll make the camp more fun.

I want to join multiple tracks. And play more than one instrument. Can I do that?

No, unfortunately not. You have to pick one. However, whatever you choose, you will be able to find the content for the other tracks on the archive pages of the digi platform.

Can I change my mind and switch track or instrument later?

No, you can’t switch track or instrument after you’ve created your account. But you can always find the content for the other tracks on the archive pages.

I have a whole different question.

If you have a question about Side by Side: Digital you’re likely to find the answer on, in our newsletters, in our social media, or on the digi platform. And if you don’t, you can always send us an email.